Media Courses

Advertising and Media BA (Joint Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3 years , UCAS Code: NP53 BA/AdM

The BA Advertising and Media degree addresses the developments in media communications and offers student the opportunity to engage with creative process. Students will undertake both practical and academic work in an exploration of advertising and the media. It is an exciting time for the media industry, which is experiencing rapid growth and change. During the course of study, students develop strategies, ideas and campaigns across a range of advertising practices and media and also gain a thorough awareness of the political contexts and ethical dilemmas of advertising and communication in a global marketplace. They will also have the opportunity to construct a broad portfolio of creative work to present to potential employers.

Journalism BA (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3 years , UCAS Code: P500BA/Jour

Journalism develops students’ knowledge of both the practice and the theory of journalism and covers the main areas of ‘news making’. Journalism combines theoretical, historical, and practice-based elements of study to develop a comprehensive understanding of and specific abilities in journalism. Students will be introduced to the local, regional and national press, radio and television, online and digital opportunities, and to a range of specialised options, including popular music, travel, film, fashion, celebrity, sport, or business. The focus of the programme is on gaining practical experience in a variety of journalistic practices and throughout the programme students will built up a portfolio of professional published work for presentation to potential employers. The degree therefore ensures we produce graduates who are literate, critical and creative practitioners, and will be qualified to move into the world of professional journalism. All students have the opportunity to undertake a placement in a professional media setting in the final year.

Mass Communication and Business BA (Hons) (Completion Award)

Study:Full Time, Duration:1 year , UCAS Code: PN91

The school of Arts and Social Sciences has developed the BA (Hons) Mass Communication and Business completion award, enabling students to ‘top-up’ their qualification and gain full UK undergraduate honour degree status in just one year. During the year-long programme students will be taught by teaching staff who are experts in their fields of business and mediam many of whom have professional industry backgrounds. The programme is contemporary, theoretically-based degree, which gives students the opportunity to study academic and practical elements around key themes whilst developing students’ understanding of mass communication and their relation with business, journalism and marketing.

Media Production BA (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3 years , UCAS Code:P310 BA/MP

This degree provides students with practical training combined with intellectual and creative problem-solving, geared towards work in the audio-visual media. We aim to produce graduates who are creative, versatile and professional practitioners capable of producing a variety of material through repertoire of practical, critical and creative skills. Students will be given the opportunity to specialize in one of three areas: scriptwriting, film and video production or animation.